Santino - Navarino Bay Cruises

Navarino Bay Cruises by our traditional boat “Santino” is a safe and comfortable way to discover the history and culture of Navarino Bay.

For more than 30 years, we have been organizing unique historical excursions to the magnificent Bay of Navarino and have been dedicated to providing unique and unforgettable experiences to our guests.

Santino-Pylos-Cruises Journey Through Time & Nature: Navarino Bay Cruises await.

Let our experience guide you to unique cruises at Navarino Bay! - Let our experience guide you to unique cruises at Navarino Bay!

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Explore the historical landmarks and unique natural beauties surrounding the Bay of Navarino. Whether you’re a history enthusiast or a nature lover, you’ll find something to captivate you on our excursions.

Navarino Bay

The Bay of Navarino offers a breathtaking natural landscape. The serene waters are surrounded by lush greenery and stunning cliffs, creating a picturesque backdrop. This region is a haven for nature lovers, offering a glimpse into the unspoiled splendor of Greece’s coastal paradise.


At the Bay of Navarino took place the final act of the Greek Revolution, which contributed to the liberation of the Greek state. On the three islands of the bay lie the monuments of fallen allies; English, French, and Russians, serving as a distinct tribute to those who lost their lives


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