The cruises are run on a daily basis and they last 2 hours.
First stop: Fanari or Tripito – Lighthouse

At the top of the little island there is a marble column, in honour of the French allies who were killed during the Navarino battle. Forty-five miles southwest there is the deepest point in the whole Mediterranean, called the Oinouses trench, with a depth of more than 5,000 m. From the northern part of the island all the way to the lagoon called Divari, stretches the island of Sfaktiria, acting as a seawall for the Navarino Bay . On the way you may see the memorial of the Greeks who were killed during the holocaust of Sfaktiria in 1825 as well the Santa-Rosa monument, the great Italian philhellene.

Second stop: the Russian memorial
There is found the Russian memorial and the Russian style church of St. Nicolas, which was built in 1997 to commemorate the Russian allied who were killed here. At the same spot there is also the Greek church of the Ascension.

Third stop: the little turtle (Helonaki)
A small island right in the middle of the bay which has its name derived from the shape of a turtle. There, was build the Anglican memorial again to the memory of the British allies killed here.
During the summer months a swimming is also included.